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MadMarmot: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in and excluded from the cost of the trip?


  • Transport: All of your transport needs are included from the specified point of departure to the point of arrival. If however, you decide to leave the trip before the end, then transport from that point is at your own cost. If you want to join the tour at any point during the trip other than the point of departure, then this is normally possible. However, please contact us by email or using the feedback form to verify that this is possible for your particular trip.
  • Accomodation: The bus has sleeping bunk accommodation for all in the bus. This is based on an open-plan layout to provide a social atmosphere. Sheets and blankets are provided, but most people prefer to bring their own sleeping bags.
  • Non-External Activities: There are a number of activities that are included in the cost of the trip. This can vary from mountain bike excursions to cultural visits.
  • Excluded

    • Equipment rental: MadMarmot has mountain bikes that can be rented cheaply. Otherwise, we can arrange for equipment rental of any specific equipment that you may need. Alternatively, you can bring your own.
    • External activities: To reduce the price for those that are along “just for the trip”, costly external activities such as bungy-jumping, guided Via-ferrate etc.. are not included in the price. However, MadMarmot can organise these activities and frequently can arrange discount rates.
    • Alcohol is not included in the cost of the trip but is not excluded from the trip itself.
    • Food: Food is not included in the cost of the trip.
    • Snacks and off-bus food. This may include lunch during some of the activities.

    What should, can I or can’t I bring with me?

    As a checklist for the trips:

    • Toiletry (tooth brush etc..)
    • Pyjamas (don’t forget that this is open plan sleeping)
    • Slippers: because the bus is also the home, we recommend these for in the bus.
    • Sleeping bag (optional, sheets and blankets are provided.)
    • Changes of clothing for 5 days
    • Waterproof clothing. A special drying area is provided on the bus for wet gear.
    • Special equipment, such as snowboards, mountain bikes etc. can be brought along free of charge. However, there is not unlimited storage space on the bus, so if you think that you’re luggage might be too bulky, please confirm with us before departure.

    Is MadMarmot for me? Who travels with the Marmot??

    If you have a curious spirit and are looking for a sociable way to get off the beaten track, then MadMarmot is ideal for you. The main age groups of travellers with MadMarmot are:

    What if I don’t want to jump off bridges or be brave in white water?

    There is no obligation to participate. At all the destinations MadMarmot goes to, there are alternative activities available.

    What is the sleeping accommodation like?

    The bus has been converted with bunks and sleeping platforms with foam mattresses for all. Each sleeping point has fitted sheets. During the day, some of the bunks fold away to provide sofas and other seating for socialising.

    What if it rains?

    Because everyone sleeps on-board, the rain is less of a hardship than with camping. However, one of the advantages of travelling with the Marmot is that if the conditions are not right in one part of Europe or for an activity, we can go elsewhere or do something else.

    How does the food work? Is this a catered trip?

    Yes and No. There is a food fund of CHF 12 per person per day which is not included in the cost of the trip and will cover about 70%,of your food requirements. The food supplies are organised by the driver and everyone participates together in the cooking and cleaning up.

    Can I drink alcohol and smoke on the bus?

    Yes you can drink as long as you don’t annoy the driver! No you cannot smoke on the bus, but there are frequent smoking stops

    What about insurance?

    • Some of the countries we are visiting have a compulsory medical and accident insurance system with no free medical services available. So, MadMarmot insists that you have sufficient insurance to cover medical problems or an accident. 
    • If you plan to participate in any “extreme” activities such as kite-surfing or climbing etc. then we recommend you check that you’re insurance policy also covers these activities. MadMarmot does not take responsibility for activities outside the bus.
    • Cancellation and travel insurance is not provided with MadMarmot. However, you can take out your own policy if required.

    Can I wash my clothes on board?

    No, for the shorter trips, you should bring sufficient changes of clothes. For the longer trips, we will stop at campsites where you can wash you’re clothes.

    What about cameras and music?

    We recommend that you bring a camera with you as some of the sites we will be visiting, while quite unforgettable, are beautiful enough to merit recording. The bus has 220V electricity on board if you need to charge digital cameras or other electronic equipment.

    And Communication?

    The idea is to get away, is it not? However, there is 95% GSM mobile phone coverage throughout most of Europe. So, if you need to, then it is possible to keep in touch.

    How many busses does MadMarmot have?

    One … for the moment!

    Can I hire the whole bus?

    Yes, the MadMarmot is available for hire between standard trips. If you are a club or organisation wanting to set up a themed trip, then check the website for available dates between the trips and make a suggestion by email or via the feedback form. If you are a business, we can also arrange professional coaching for teambuilding excursions.